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Cyberpunk 2077 Sold More Copies In 2022 Than 2021




Cyberpunk 2077 sold more copies in 2022 than the previous year, despite being a late 2020 launch. This can likely be attributed to the release of both the huge version 1.5 update, and the Edgerunners anime on Netflix.

This continues Cyberpunk's reign as CDPR's most profitable Game of the year, maintaining a Healthy lead over the ever-popular The Witcher 3. That's despite Cyberpunk having no paid DLC to help boost its numbers, with the first and only expansion, Phatom Liberty, not launching until later this year.

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This data comes from CDPR's investors' page, giving us an insight into how its 2022 financial year performance. And while the Edgerunners boost wasn't enough to put 2077 sales back at their 2020 high, it was enough to stop the annual revenue decline you'd expect from a single-player Game.

It also puts Cyberpunk 2077 on a much better trajectory than The Witcher 3 in its own third year of life. Not only did Witcher earn less at launch, it also continued to drop off until 2019 - the same year the Witcher TV series debuted on Netflix. With that in mind, it's easy to see why CDPR was eager to cash in on Cyberpunk's own show so much, adding a whole bunch of content around the time of Edgerunners' release.

As for the rest of CDPR's catalogue, it's pretty much what you'd expect. Sales for the first two Witcher Games are so low that they hardly appear on the graph, which perhaps explains why the studio is working on a remake, giving the first Game a new lease on life and showing it off to a whole new generation. That won't be with us until The Witcher 4, however, which will almost definitely take the top spot whenever it launches.

In the meantime, there's not much of a chance that a recent current-gen update for The Witcher 3 will have the same effect as Cyberpunk's own patch. Not only does it not coincide with its Netflix show, it was also performing pretty rough on PC, frustrating fans.

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