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Cyberpunk 2077 NPC Dialogue Casually Confirms The Existence Of Human Hunting




Night City is a pretty awful place to live, and Cyberpunk 2077 wastes no time in setting that up. No matter which Lifepath you choose, V isn't getting on very well, as Corpos, the criminal underworld, and even conflict with the NUSA as a whole wreak havoc on the city. Now, one player has come across some throwaway NPC dialogue that makes matters even worse.

In a conversation between bystanders that most players would miss, a couple of Night City citizens casually confirm the existence of hunting humans for sport. Yes, really. In this dialogue, one character tells another that they know a guy who organises "runs" in Northside. She then specifies that she's talking about "homeless hunting", giving us a good idea of how the Corpos of Night City get their kicks.

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If you thought this was a horrifying discovery, then don't worry, because it gets far worse. In the full context of the conversation, the pair are both Corpos, discussing ways to bring some excitement back into their dull, work-centric lives. When the guy asks how they avoid the police while homeless hunting, the woman says that the NCPD has "bigger problems than a few forgotten meatbags," heavily implying that they simply don't care enough to intervene.

While never explicitly mentioned in the main story, a quick walk around any block in Night City will reveal just how hostile Night City is to anyone forced to sleep on the streets. Almost every bench in the Game is an example of anti-homeless architecture, fitted with obtrusive spikes and bars that make it impossible for anyone to comfortably rest on. Sidewalks are littered with similar obstacles too, forcing the homeless into more crime-ridden neighbourhoods, often setting up makeshift homes underneath motorways and busy roads.

Horrifyingly, that would only make them easier to hunt, too. The rich know exactly where the less fortunate of Night City reside, so they can pop to these hang-out spots whenever they want to go "hunting". Lovely.

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