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Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Lets V Buy David's Apartment From Edgerunners




Cyberpunk Edgerunners premiered alongside a tie-in update for 2077, introducing areas from the anime into the Game. There was even a short quest that made V aware of David's story, which took place a year prior, ending with the new protagonist inheriting the edgerunner's jacket. But as we wait in between updates, fans want more.

Now, we have that in the form of a new anime tie-in mod. With this fan creation installed, V can access and even purchase David's apartment from the show, making the world of Night City feel more connected to what we saw in the spin-off.

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This apartment mod comes courtesy of Nexus user Krat0es, who has previously brought us a bunch of other mods, such as one we covered recently that opens up the Megabuilding V lives in.

In this case, however, we turn our attention to Megabuilding H4, where we see David and his mother reside towards the beginning of Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

cyberpunk-2077-h4-megabuilding (1)
Source: Krat0es via Nexus Mods

As you can see in the images shared by Krat0es, it looks almost identical to V's own apartment, just as it is shown to be in the anime. But smaller details have been changed to separate the two apartments, such as the fact that this one doesn't seem to have a secret room for weapon storage. Yeah, it's possible V's landlord isn't aware of that particular extension...

Considering V and David's apartments are in separate megabuildings, located in different districts altogether, having another place to dump your stuff and spruce up your appearance could come in incredibly handy. And let's be honest, too many of us spend an embarrassing amount of time customising V, so at least this could reduce how long we spend looking for a mirror and wardrobe.

This is far from the only way to bridge the gap between the Game and the anime. Another mod we covered recently adds Edgerunners-inspired body modifications, letting V go under the knife in the name of fashion, not just to boost stats.

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