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Cyberpunk 2077 Gets A Deus Ex And Dishonored Inspired Stealth Mod




While Cyberpunk 2077 gives players a variety of Gameplay options and play styles, some aspects were somewhat undercooked. The sci-fi action RPG allowed for stealth builds, for example, but it's a rather crude implementation and could've done with greater depth and refinement. But over on PC modders have been able to flesh such systems out.

A brand new mod expands on Cyberpunk 2077's stealth Gameplay (thanks Forbes). Called "Stealthrunner" the mod is already looking like it'll be one of the Game's most well received, especially for those who prefer the shadows than all guns blazing. Inspired by stealth classics Deus Ex and Dishonored, Stealthrunner adds a whole lot of stealthing goals to pretty much every quest and gig in the Game.

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The Stealthrunner mod tracks and rewards Ghost, Pacifist, No-Touch, and other objectives for almost every applicable main quest, side quest, gig, and NCPD scanner hustle. As the modder writes, the aim is to motivate and reward stealthy Gameplay.

For completing these objectives, players are rewarded with XP, Street Cred, Ninjutsu XP, money, and Recipes (depending on the objective). Complete enough of each type and you'll unlock perk points, which leads us on to the all-new stealth-focused perk tree that's included in this mod. Yep, it's been well thought out.

The Stealthrunner perk tree adds 11 perks. These perks focus on new abilities such as Pickpocketing and really expands the stealth build-outs of the game. There's more: new cyberware, new weapons, new items and variations, such as for Optical Camo. The modder has done a pretty thorough overhaul with missions updating in real time showing if you've done a Ghost, Pacifist, or No-Touch playthrough. In addition, the mod adds a new Hero objective that can be achieved by saving victims within missions.

For those who like to look upon their enemies from afar, there's the new Ashura Wind sniper rifle that comes equipped with a custom silencer and inflicts greater damage in stealth, as well as having more bullet velocity and range. There is a whole lot more to this mod, as well as details on the requirements in order to get this mod working as beautifully as it should.

The Stealthrunner mod, created by RMK, can be found on Nexus Mods here.

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