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CS2 Removes Ragdoll Physics As Players Make Corpse Mountains




CS2's closed network test originally included ragdoll collision physics, meaning that you could interact with spawned bodies rather than phasing through them. But this also meant they could interact with each other, so of course people found ways to make corpse mountains. Understandably, for comPetitive reasons and to stop lag, CS2 disabled this feature.

Yesterday, YouTuber 3kliksphilip uploaded a video titled "CS2 - The Superior People Stacking Simulator" which perfectly shows off what kind of shenanigans you can get up to thanks to ragdoll collision physics. He sets the left mouse click to spawn bodies and the right to blow them up.

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The original Source engine used a third-party physics engine called Havok, but CS2 - which runs on Source 2 - uses Rubikon, Valve's own developed engine. This is important to note because, in CS:GO, if you stack bodies, Havok doesn't like it after a dozen or so. It starts to chug, bodies begin to twitch, physics breakdown, and everything lags. Rubikon, however, lets you seamlessly pile dead bodies up with few problems - it's not why CS2 exists and it's not why Valve switched to Rubikon, but it's a neat little bonus. Or it was. You can't do it, now.

There is a limit, however. But it's not one you're likely to reach unless you're dedicated. 3kliksphilip found that CS2 can handle 477 corpses at once before it crashes, a staggering upgrade from CS:GO which saw the Game struggle after only 12. So, while stacking corpses isn't what Valve designed CS2 for, it just goes to show how improved the physics engine is and how much better performance is.

It's not the only Gameplay update in the closed network test, as Valve also tweaked some minor issues. The HE grenades no longer affect smoke through walls, players won't drop weapons when getting bonus weapons in Deathmatch, and decoy grenades now have the correct trajectory preview. All good stuff, but no more corpse mountains, so is it really worth it? Yes, absolutely, but they'll be missed.

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