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CS2 Players Are Dying To Wallhack Console Command




The Counter-Strike 2 beta test has been here for just over a week and there's already a wallhack ruining people's Games. Worse yet, it appears this wallhack is part of the live Game and can be activated using console commands.

We've got multiple examples of the wallhack in action. Here's a clip from Twitch streamer f0rest as he gets sniped through the big door on Dust2. The first shot we could forgive as a fluke, but the second, third, and fourth shots reveal something is definitely up. Then we can head over to Olof's stream to see more snipes through walls and doors.

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"That was not fun," said f0rest. "We gonna wait on Counter-Strike 2 until... We're waiting on Counter-Strike 2. We gonna go Apex."

The worst part is that the wallhack can be activated by anyone. All you need to do is enter a particular command into the CS2 console to get it running. After that, the player sees a green outline of every person in the Game even if they shouldn't be visible.

It's a certainty that Valve did not intend to put a wallhack into the live version of Counter-Strike 2, and this will almost certainly be patched out eventually. As noted on the CS:GO subreddit, CS2 is still in beta and the whole point of a test is to catch Game-breaking bugs just like this one. Still, players using the wallhack should certainly be reported as cheaters and have their beta access revoked at the very least.

We're expecting CS2 to have the same combination of software and human anti-cheat programs as CS:GO, but the sequel will have at least one upgrade in store. Valve Anti-Cheat is going to be rebranded as VAC Live and it'll even have the power to cancel Games in progress when it detects a cheater. That's according to datamines into the CS2 Game files, at least. We'll have to wait for the full Game to release later this summer to learn more.

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