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CS:GO Fans Think Sequel News Is Just A Big April Fools Joke




Rumors of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive receiving a long-awaited sequel has reached a fever pitch this week after anonymous sources within Valve told several journalists that a public beta test is "right around the corner" and could be here by the end of the month. Nvidia's latest drivers contain references to "csgos2" and "cs2," CS:GO's database on Steam has been recently updated with a bunch of new depots, and Dota 2's latest update includes references to CS:GO on Source 2's code. It's all looking more and more like rumors of a CS:GO sequel might even come true.

And that has fans worried. CS:GO is currently the most popular Game on Steam by a large margin and it has been for quite a while, so it doesn't make a lot of financial sense for Valve to announce a sequel. Plus, Valve has a History of being incredibly tight-lipped about its releases, so all these rumors and datamines and leaks just seem too good to be true.


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Many CS:GO fans think they are too good to be true and think the rumors, datamines, and Steam updates are all just an elaborate April Fools prank.

"Valve is just messing around with us and there is not going to be any Source 2 CS:GO it is just an April Fools joke," wrote user pixelatedhulo over on the Game's subreddit. User tfEpsilon11 agreed in another post, writing "one of the possibilities" is that Valve says "April Fools suckers" when CS:GO 2 doesn't appear.

Another noted that the recent Nvidia drivers referring to "cs2" might be referring to Cities: Skylines 2, which just got announced yesterday. And Richard Lewis, one of the Games journalists contacted by an anonymous source at Valve, said that the CS:GO 2 beta would be here specifically by April 1.

We've got just over three weeks before we know one way or the other. My advice? Don't hold your breath that long, but Valve hasn't been known to be so cruel as to stage a month-long April Fools joke. We know it will probably happen at some point, with Source 2 coming to CS:GO being rumoured for years now, but it might not be ready just yet.

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