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CS:GO 2 Seemingly Leaks Via Latest Dota 2 And SteamDB Updates




Last week, it was claimed that the long rumored CS:GO 2 is not only just in development, but is expected to be playable very soon. None of this had been confirmed by any official sources though, but a new round of leaks seemingly suggests that an announcement from Valve could be imminent.

First spotted by Valve insider Gabe Follower and shared via their Twitter account, a new update for Dota 2 includes several references to CS:GO on Source 2 in its code, including everything from Spray Kits to maps. Better yet, a quick trip to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive page on SteamDB will reveal a large number of depots have been added, three of which reference DLC.

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While not an outright confirmation that CS:GO on Source 2 is coming soon, it's pretty much the next best thing. As for when Valve will actually put Counter-Strike fans out of their misery and finally announce the thing, the same insider that discovered these leaks claimed that Valve has been testing the Game since December last year via third-party companies. This was backed up by eSports journalist Richard Lewis, who even claimed that the Game could be playable by the end of this month.

Valve will undoubtedly be hoping that this new version of CS:GO on Source 2 can attract just as many players as the original has. It's definitely looking on course to, as there are almost ravenous reactions from fans whenever new info regarding the Game surfaces. In fact, the Game's leaks seem to have caused a flurry of players to try out the original, as it recently broke its player count record shortly after rumors of a sequel began to strengthen. Here's hoping we get an official announcement soon before fans storm Valve's offices out of impatience.

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