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CS:GO 2 Is Reportedly In Development And "Right Around The Corner"




The long-rumoured CS:GO 2 - a new Game in Valve's Source 2 engine - is not only in development, but ready to be played soon. That's according to sources speaking with anonymous devs, with one report even saying that a public beta test of the Game is "right around the corner".

According to these sources, Counter-Strike 2 could be with us as early as the end of the month, as it seems that Valve has been able to develop the sequel with minimal details being made public. However, this news also comes just days after files titled "csgos2" and "cs2" were spotted in a Nvidia update, further suggesting that the long-awaited sequel will be shadow-dropped soon.


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One of these reports, courtesy of ESports journalist Richard Lewis, claims that CS:GO 2 is indeed on the way, having been "worked on for quite some time". He then says that the Game will be with us in late March or early April, with the sequel being Valve's priority right now.

Following this, CS:GO content creator Gabe Follower backed these claims, saying that he had "fairly reliable" information pointing to CS:GO 2's existence, and that it had been in testing since December of last year. This came after Follower shared the initial Nvidia leak, further pointing to the existence of CS:GO 2 - or Counter-Strike 2, as it seems to be called.

Of course, it remains to be seen how fans of the original take to a sequel. The Source 2 engine will help, but the first Game still regularly pulls in hundreds of thousands of players. Or more recently, more than a million at once. Just last month, CS:GO beat its own concurrent player record, with 1,324,800 players on February 19.

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