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CS:GO 2 Files Leak, Reportedly Reference Left 4 Dead 3




Rumors of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sequel have been circulating for years, but they've reached a fever pitch in recent weeks. There have been updates to both Dota 2 and Nvidia's drivers that reference either CS:GO 2 or the Source 2 engine that powers it, while anonymous tipsters have been telling journalists on social media that a CS:GO sequel could be here as early as this month. And today, we have more leaked info to share.

Valve news account Gabe Follower reported "something weird" earlier today, posting several images of what appear to be executable file icons. According to Gabe Follower, they were sent to him from a "legit" source, with the pictures showing at least one icon with the name "csgos2.exe." Another seems to refer to the Source 2 engine with src2sdk.exe, while the others are executables for development apps.

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In addition to the icons, Gabe Follower also posted code that refers to CS:GO, Source 2, and intriguingly, Left 4 Dead 3. However, we shouldn't get our hopes up yet for a Left 4 Dead sequel from just one mention. As pointed out on the Gaming Leaks & Rumors subreddit, Left 4 Dead 3 was canceled years ago and these files might simply be referring to assets from the canceled Game. As we all know, Valve can't count to three.

It can count to two, however. Early this morning, Steam's backend database was updated to include a developer pre-release branch for the Source 2 engine, the same one that should be at the core of CS:GO 2.

At this point, with all the real database updates and leaked info, it would be pretty wild if it all turned out to be an April Fool's joke as some Valve skeptics have suggested. It does seem almost too good to be true, but we'll keep an eye on Valve for even a hint of an official announcement.

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