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ChatGPT Thinks Henry Cavill Should Play Revan In A KOTOR Movie




Fancasts for a movie based on pretty much everyone's favourite Star Wars Game, Knights of the Old Republic, have been shared around for years now. In fact, they've been swirling online for so long that most of our picks are probably too old to play the roles now. So, one fan decided to see what artificial intelligence has to say on the matter, and it sure is something.

For reasons only known to a developer over at Microsoft, the company's fancy AI software thinks that Henry Cavill would be the perfect Darth Revan. Yep, ChatGPT really thinks that the former Superman actor would be the perfect casting for the redeemed Sith Lord, following his stint as Geralt in Netflix's The Witcher series.


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I tested it myself, and it's true - ChatGPT is a huge Henry Cavill stan. He even ended up in my cast for KOTOR 2, playing Atton Rand. Someone on the ChatGPT team really wants Cavill to get more work, huh?

Results vary for the rest of the cast. On the one hand, we have the genius decision to have the murderous droid, HK-47, voiced by Tim Curry, and Mission Vao played by Hailee Steinfeld. Then, we have Tom Hardy as Canderous Ordo and John Krasinski as Carth Onasi... which is a little less fitting.

On the other hand, we have Zoe Saldana as Juhani, because she obviously hasn't been given enough roles that bag her a ten-hour stint in the makeup chair. Honestly, let the poor woman sit this one out, yeah?

Of course, given the ever-evolving nature of AI, these answers are changing all the time. While ChatGPT reaffirmed its love of Cavill when I asked for a KOTOR film cast, it also conceded that Oscar Isaac would be good in the role. The fact that he has already played a very prominent role in the Star Wars series doesn't seem to matter. Similarly, I got Bastila Shan played as Felicity Jones, although I'd be willing to suspend my disbelief for that one.

While there's no word on an actual, non-AI-influenced KOTOR film, there is a remake on the way. This, however, seems to be a far way off, as the Game has reportedly been moved to a new developer, having previously been hit with an "indefinite" delay.

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