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Chat Show Censors Jack Black's Bowser Balls During Mario Movie Spot




With only a little more than a month to go until it hits cinemas, the hype train for The Super Mario Bros. Movie is starting to pick up speed. Four of its lead actors appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, including Jack Black dressed as Bowser. However, someone seems to have forgotten to check just how tight and revealing the Bowser outfit was as it needed to be censored in post-production.

Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, and Keegan Michael Key, who play Mario, Luigi, and Toad respectively, are shown sitting on the couch ready to be interviewed. When asked where Black is, the three of them pretend not to know where he could possibly be. Clarkson then heads backstage and finds a forlorn Black dressed as Bowser.

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The actor does a bit, claiming the others told him they would all be in costume too. When promised a special entrance by Clarkson, Black dances out onto the set and even pretends to breathe a little fire. However, if you look a little south of Black's Bowser mouth then you may have noticed the production team on the show decided to blur the actor's crotch.

There are a couple of potential reasons why that decision was made. The most likely is that the tight costume combined with Black's vigorous dance moves meant the shape of his warp pipe and bob-ombs was far too prominent to be shown on a daytime chat show. It might have also been a case of the costume splitting when he did that high kick, inadvertently ensuring his chain chomp was on full display.

Whatever the reason for Bowser's blur, Black's enthusiasm further proves his role in the movie as gaming's most iconic villain might well be the one he was born to play. The jury remains out on Pratt as Mario for a lot of fans. The movie's creators came to the actor's defense again last month, reassuring fans casting Pratt as the plumber makes perfect sense.

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