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CD Projekt Red Reboots Development On Co-Op The Witcher Game, Project Sirius




CD Projekt Red has a few Witcher Games in the pipeline - there's the sequel, a remake of the first Game, and the Mysterious Project Sirius. We found out earlier this year that the latter would feature character classes, co-op, and a non-linear story, but how much of that holds true is uncertain as, per a new report, it appears as though the entire project is being rebooted.

It's being developed by The Molasses Flood which you may know from Drake Hollow and The Flame in the Flood. It was acquired by CD Projekt Red back in 2021, and it's unclear how long it has been working on Project Sirius. However, we know thanks to CDRP's report that, by the end of 2022, the project had amassed expenses up to "33.4 million PLN", which led CDPR to book "an impairment allowance".


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Essentially, an impairment allowance is an estimation of a loss of profits over a portfolio of loans. CDPR continued, "The aforementioned decision is based on results of evaluation of the scope and commercial potential of the original concept of Project Sirius, and ongoing work on formulating a new framework for this project".

Given that we hadn't seen anything of the Game, with most of our knowledge coming from job listings, there won't be anything to compare the two versions, but what this does mean is that Project Sirius is a long way from launch.

If you're eagerly waiting on a co-op Witcher experience, then you're gonna be waiting a while. In the meantime, CD Projekt Red is developing Cyberpunk 2077's DLC Phantom Liberty and all the aforementioned Witcher Games. However, The Witcher 4 is three years away at least, and the first Witcher remake won't launch until afterwards.

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