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Candace Owens Speaks Out After Donald Trump Conviction




Candace Owens has shared a strong message about the country following Donald Trump‘s guilty verdict in his hush money trial.

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Here’s What Candace Owens Said After Donald Trump’s Guilty Verdict

As The Shade Room previously reported, the former president was convicted on 34 charges in New York on Thursday, May 30. Trump was accused of paying Stormy Daniels, an adult entertainer, $130,000 “to boost his electoral prospects in the 2016 presidential election,” per ABC News.

On Thursday, Owens took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share her thoughts after Trump’s guilty verdict. To note, Vanity Fair reports that Owens has previously been vocal about her support for Trump.

In response to his guilty verdict, Owens seemingly called the country a “banana republic.”

“We just live in a banana republic guys,” she wrote. “Time to just accept that.”

Additionally, she explained that “nothing” in the country is “legitimate.” Ultimately, Owens asserted that Trump’s guilty verdict doesn’t “shame” him, it “shames our country.”

“Nothing is legitimate— not the media, our elections, or the courts,” she added. “This guilty verdict doesn’t shame Trump, it shames our country.”

Social Media Weighs In

Owens’ words prompted reactions in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @imweaakk wrote, He was found guilty by a jury of his peers not the Judge… pack it up Candace”

While Instagram user @professor_wynn added, She’s should REALLY 🤫! Like frfr! It was FAIR! His attorneys helped select the jury! He has the BEST attorneys money can buy! It’s not rigged, he’s just GUILTY! The DEFENSE WITNESS is the one that sunk the case! WTF! Bye 👋🏽 girl! Have several seats!”

Instagram user @stacy_beee wrote, A jury of 12 peers found him guilty. Crazy how when things don’t work out for privileged, they immediately try to attack our democracy and try to delegitimize the rule of law. But when actual injustices happen to Black and Brown folks they go mute.”

While Instagram user @r0832t added, Mam you can move to Australia anytime you want.”

Instagram user @fightergallant wrote, Imagine committing a crime and being found guilty”

While Instagram user @rexa_million added, Lmao the funny thing is, is that the jury who convicted him, were people who his lawyers choose. You can’t make this s**t up.”

Chance The Rapper wrote, Ion live in no DAMN BANANA REPUBLIC”

Furthermore, Owens’ critique also sparked mixed reactions in her comment section on X.

Candace Owens Recently Made Headlines After THIS

As The Shade Room previously reported, Candace Owens recently garnered media attention in March. At the time, it was reported that she was fired from the right-wing news outlet, The Daily Wire.

In response, Owens took to X to confirm the news.

“The rumors are true— I am finally free,” she wrote. “… There will be many announcements in the weeks to come.”

Furthermore, Owens was reportedly fired from the outlet for allegedly promoting antisemitism.

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