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Cammy, Zangief, And Lily Coming To Street Fighter 6




Capcom offered up three big surprises at today's State of Play, including Zangief, Cammy, and a new fighter by the name of Lily. All three fighters will be coming to Street Fighter 6 to face off against the likes of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Jamie.

Zangief seems to have leaned further into his persona as an enormous Russian wrestler. The trailer shows all of his signature moves, including the Flying Power Bomb, the Spinning Piledriver, and the Cyclone Lariat. And when it comes time to finish off his opponent (in this case the unfortunate E. Honda), he busts out a glowing spinning piledriver. According to Capcom's site, Zangief has gone from being just a wrestling character known as the Red Cyclone to a wrestling teacher with actual students. Let's hope he treats them a little more carefully than he did Mr. Honda.

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Cammy, meanwhile, is still a special forces member with Delta Red, but unlike Zangief, she has an entirely new wardrobe. Gone is the green fatigues and the red beret, and instead we have a blue leather jacket with the Union Jack on the back. She still has her signature boots and gloves, however, and she still knows how to perform the Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike. Expect long, sweeping strikes.​​​​​​​

Lily is an intriguing addition to the cast of Street Fighter 6. With the feather in her hairband, she bares a striking resemblance to T. Hawk, and the Capcom site confirms she's also a member of the Thunderfoot Tribe. In last year's leak, Lily was said to be related to T. Hawk, and might even be his daughter. But rather than strike with powerful chops and kicks, Lily spins using Aztec warclubs.

With Zangief, Cammy, and Lily, Street Fighter 6's roster of 18 fighters has been fully revealed (at least, according to the leak). There are certainly more coming, however, as Street Fighter V had numerous DLC fighters that arrived after launch. Street Fighter 6 arrives June 2.

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