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Call Of Duty, Mortal Kombat, And Sonic Have The Sweariest Fans, According To Study




Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and Sonic the Hedgehog fans may not have a ton in common. But according to a new study, they do share a love of swearing online.

Findings from WordTips look at the language used by the largest faNBAses online, pooling them all together to see which one comes across as the most toxic. And unsurprisingly Call of Duty almost has them all beat, only losing the Rihanna stans. However, what might be more surprising is that Mortal Kombat and Sonic fans are in the big leagues too, alongside WWE 2K and Borderlands players.

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Call of Duty maintains a wide lead alongside Rihanna for having the most sweary faNBAse, with all the other Games in the study vying for runner-up spots. Some expected communities make the cut, such as GTA and The Elder Scrolls (that is a long time to be waiting for a new Game, after all), but some of them may take you by surprise. I mean, Animal Crossing? Some of you really want those villagers off your island, huh?


WordTips also put a chart together to keep track of the most positive faNBAses, again going by their use of language online. However, just two gaming communities make this list: Diablo and Pro Evolution Soccer. Further down in the study, it's said that Pokemon also has a particularly positive community, but all this tells us is that this research wasn't conducted after a Nintendo Direct...


As for Sonic the Hedgehog being so high, that is easy enough to explain. Even as a diehard Sonic fan, it has to be said that there's a reason this reputation has stuck. Hell, Sonic Frontiers doing pretty well both critically and commercially wasn't enough to make us happy. Like fair, I wish it got nominated for best soundtrack at The Game Awards too, but maybe next time, yeah? Let's also not have a debate about Sonic's quills next time.

You can check the full study out here.

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