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Bungie Promises Destiny 2 Will Make Sense Again In Later Seasons




We're just over a week since the launch of Lightfall, Destiny 2's latest expansion, and the reaction has been decidedly mixed. On the one hand, Guardians are enjoying the new armor mod system, quality of life improvements, and the new Strand subclass. What they're not liking is how very little of Lightfall's story made sense. Whereas last year's The Witch Queen expansion revealed and explained, Lightfall obscures and obfuscates, and Guardians hate it.

It's bad enough that Bungie has taken the rare step to acknowledge player frustration in yesterday's blog update and promise that things will get better in future seasons.

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"A new year of storytelling kicked off with Lightfall and will continue through our Seasons between now and The Final Shape," wrote Bungie. "While we’re just a week into Season of Defiance and we don’t always share future narrative details this far in advance, we feel it’s important to give everyone a preview of a particular quest we’re bringing to Neomuna in Season of the Deep, as well as the rewards it will provide."

Destiny 2 Lightfall Final Warning Sidearm

Season of the Deep will arrive on May 23, so it'll be some time before Guardians have a chance to experience this new story-based quest. That quest will take place on Neomuna, explain the Veil through research from Osiris and new Ishtar Collective data, and provide the player with three new Strand Aspects (one for each class). Bungie also showcased the reward for completing the quest will be a Legendary Hand Cannon that was featured in Lightfall's promotional trailer but didn't actually appear in the expansion--an omission that didn't go unnoticed.

Elsewhere in the TWAB, Bungie addressed a laundry list of bugs that came with Lightfall, one of which is leading to the season's first Iron Banner being delayed by a week. There are also a ton of Exotics and armor mods being disabled for tomorrow’s Root of Nightmares raid, which begins bright and early at 9 AM PST.

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