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Blue Protocol Players Aren't Happy With The Character Creator




Blue Protocol is currently in its testing phase. Bandai Namco is making sure the servers can take the strain, while players are downloading benchmark software to see how well their gaming rigs can run Blue Protocol. So far so good, according to social media, but there's been a few snags. First, datamines have revealed significant differences between the female character models for Japan and the rest of the world, leading some to accuse publisher Amazon of censorship. Second, the benchmark software also comes with a character creator, and players are disappointed with the lack of customization options.

In a post on the Blue Protocol subreddit, user CelestialDragon09 noted fairly limited hairstyles, lengths, and eye options for their characters. "I do hope the character creation gets better when the Game is fully released," they said. "I have downloaded the benchmark and tried out the character creation and I’m really disappointed."


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Many fans agreed that the character creator needed more hairstyles as well as facial hair options for men, which are limited to clean-shaven, "goatee," "soul patch," and "tiny mustache."

Shoes are another sticking point for Blue Protocol's character creator, with one user noting just how ridiculously high those boots can go.

Like Genshin Impact, Blue Protocol will be a free-to-play Game, and Bandai Namco has confirmed that character customization will be one of the main ways the Game will be monetized. This has led many players to believe that additional options will be set behind a paywall, although at least one player suspects Bandai Namco will host free giveaways for customization options.

Still, the character creator isn't the worst we've seen, and at least one player was able to recreate a reasonable facsimile of the three non-Disney characters from Kingdom Hearts.

Blue Protocol is still in active development and things could change dramatically between now and the Game's release later this year. Blue Protocol will likely hit PC first before arriving on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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