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Blue Protocol Invites Gamers To Play Early With March 31 Network Test




Blue Protocol has a vague release date of 2023, and while it's unclear exactly when we can expect to dive into the full experience, Bandai Namco has announced a network test running from March 31 at 2pm JST to April 2 at 10pm JST.

You'll be able to pre-download the client before the network test starts, letting you dive in the second the servers go live. We don't know what will be available to try in the network test yet, but the official announcement states that details about playable content will be shared on the official website closer to the date.

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The network test was originally set to start on January 14 earlier this year, but it was postponed until March. Now, we have a more specific time frame, though that initial delay had fans worried that the Game itself would be internally pushed back to a later date in 2023. We'll have to wait and see as there's still no specific release date.

Some are wary of participating in the test after the recent benchmark character creator which, for some - even those using rigs with RTX 3080s - allegedly caused their GPU usage to rise as high as 100 percent. Others echoed this concern, though the feedback was made clear in the Blue Protocol subreddit, so these issues may have been ironed out in time for the network test.

Only last week, many in the subreddit complained about the character creator present in that same benchmark test, citing its lack of customisation options, such as the small number of hairstyles, facial hair options, and eye choices. This is unlikely to change prior to launch, but it's only one part of the Game, and we've yet to try out much of anything else.

Blue Protocol is a free-to-play MMO from Bandai Namco coming later this year. Amazon is publishing it in the West, making it one of its many MMO projects alongside the likes of New World, Lost Ark, and even a cancelled Lord of the Rings Game.

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