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Blizzard Is Limiting The Number Of Diablo 4 Players To "Ensure Stability" In-Game




The Diablo 4 beta went live last night, and as predicted, a whole lot of fans are trying to get in at once. As we've come to expect from these huge live service releases, this resulted in incredibly long queues, with some fans being given an estimated waiting time of more than two hours. Now, it seems like we can expect those queue times to get even worse, at least temporarily.

In order to address an issue that was causing players to be disconnected, it seems that Blizzard will start letting fewer people into the Game at once. To ensure that the Game runs smoothly for those who brave the queue, devs say they will be "managing" the rate of players entering the Game, likely meaning fewer fans will be able to enter the beta at once.


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"The team is working through some issues behind the scenes that have been affecting players and causing them to be disconnected from the servers," reads a blog post from Diablo community manager, Adam Fletcher. "We are managing the rate of players entering the Game until we have a full fix for the disconnection issues."

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The good news is that if you actually do make it to the front of the queue, the limited number of players should ensure a smoother experience. However, there's no ETA on a fix that will let everyone experience the beta, with Blizzard simply stating that it is "actively working" on addressing these issues. The team will be working over the weekend though, hoping to "increase the influx of players" and "significantly reduce" queue times.

Many will be hoping these fixes come quickly, however, as the response to this update has been fairly negative. In the replies, fans worry about the state of the Game going forward, since the beta's playerbase will only include those who preordered Diablo 4. Others are complaining that they have to queue even if they want to play offline, limiting their ability to enjoy single-player.

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