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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo On Her Strengths, How She Spends Her Free Time, Collab With Selena Gomez




BLACKPINK’s Jisoo looks stunning on the cover of Marie Claire!

Recently, Jisoo participated in a pH๏τo shoot for Marie Claire magazine. In the interview that followed, the idol talked about BLACKPINK’s busy schedule with future projects. On the group’s upcoming single with Selena Gomez, Jisoo shared, “We weren’t able to meet in person. We each adjusted our schedules and communicated numerous times to finish the project. I thought she was such a refreshing and cool person after seeing her share her opinions in an easygoing manner even though she’s a global star.

In June, BLACKPINK became the female artist with the most subscribers on YouTube, and Jisoo shared that she felt proud and happy to receive the тιтle. BLACKPINK also recently became the fourth most-subscribed artist in the world. On the type of influence she wants to give others, Jisoo revealed, “I hope that someone will see me and gain confidence. After seeing me work hard and succeeding after my hard work, I hope they think, ‘I can do it too,’ and ‘I also want to find something of my own.’

Jisoo shared that these days, she has been very happy promoting with her members. She explained, “While on tour, we were always together, but recently, we had been busy individually. Even though it was tiring at the time, I miss the time we were on tour abroad a lot.” She added, “These days, the four of us play, eat, and talk together while promoting, so it’s very enjoyable.”