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Blackpink Rose’s Rosey Makeup And Statement Accessories Are Tendersetters




Like many of you who clicked on the story, we’re obsessed with the South Korean girl group Blackpink. Our attention was recently drawn to Rosé’s recent vintage jewelry and rings, which we had previously highlighted along with their fashion and beauty advice. See if you can identify anything you want to wear by examining what they are wearing.

It appears that brands from all over the world are comPeting to have idols represent them as K-Pop’s popularity grows internationally.

The four members of BLACKPINK are all brand ambᴀssadors for some of the most well-known companies. As the Tiffany & Co. ambᴀssador, in particular, Rosé has consistently drawn the attention of online users.

Rosé arrived at the event wearing a short black dress and knee-high black boots. In front of the cameras, Rosé was wearing a necklace made of gold and pearls.

From Tiffany & Co.’s HardWear line, Rosé had previously accessorized Ice Cream with a yellow gold necklace and bracelet. The attention-grabbing Wrap Necklace, in keeping with her typical cool-girl look, is the centerpiece of her styling in this picture.