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Blackpink Lisa And Her Flattering Gestures In These Pictures Will Melt Your Heart




Everybody has a distinctive beauty mark. It can be a steadfast devotion to mascara for some. Some people won’t feel ready for the world without a swipe of their favorite lipstick, while others won’t leave the house without their go-to spray of fragrance. Lisa from Blackpink appears to have a distinct style that is defined by her consistently flawless bangs.

“Perfect” is a huge word, but Lisa’s fringe seems to defy reality – there are forums online discussing how it can stay that calm and neat even as she performs her solo verses and glides through the harsh choreography of Blackpink. You’ll notice that Lisa occasionally adds some movement to these lengths, such as when she sat in the front row at the Celine show. In Paris, for instance, she seemed to introduce a lighter, wispier look, but the lesson here is that there is never a hair out of place.

Lisa’s black sleeveless corset top has a square neckline, front zipper closures, an asymmetrical cropped hem, and a form-fitting silhouette. It was layered over a cropped, white tank top with a round neckline on the rapper. Lisa’s ensemble was finished off by a micro short skirt with a red and black snake design.