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BLACKPINK Jisoo delivers surprise news and attracts enthusiastic responses from netizens




BLACKPINK member Jisoo prepared a gift for fans. BLACKPINK Jisoo reported the news that she opened a personal Youtube channel and uploaded a Vlog video on December 3rd. Jisoo’s Youtube channel was named “Happy Jisoo 103%”. The female singer also revealed that she would donate all the profit from her channel.

Jisoo released a Vlog taken in London as the first video on her channel. It shows Jisoo’s daily life after finishing a concert. She started doing exercises for self-management. Jisoo awkwardly said, “I don’t know if this works”, “Is this how we take a Vlog?”, etc.

Later, Jisoo spent her time walking around the streets and having dinner with Lisa, another member of BLACKPINK. Jisoo showed various sides in her daily life, including her appearance while eating.

The news of Jisoo opening a Youtube channel immediately spread to various SNS sites and online communities, drawing keen attention. Netizens reacted, “Wow, amazing”, “It’s gonna be crazy”, “She’s so pretty”, “I’ll subscribe her right away”, “I’m happy just by looking at her face”, “Finally, she has a Youtube channel”, “What a big gift”, etc.

Earlier last month, Jisoo raised fans’ expectations by announcing on her Instagram Story that she was filming a Vlog. Since then, fans had already speculated that Jisoo would be opening a personal Youtube channel, following BLACKPINK members.

Meanwhile, Jisoo exceeded 800,000 subscribers at 7 a.m. on December 3rd, seven hours after she opened the channel.