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BioWare's Mass Effect Team Has Been Moved To Help Work On Dragon Age: Dreadwolf




Despite both EA and BioWare being very open and transparent about the development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, we still don't know an awful lot about what shape it's in or when we can expect it to hit store shelves. We've been given plenty of development updates since it was first announced, and the latest has revealed that EA and BioWare have now shifted the vast majority of the Mass Effect team to help work on Dreadwolf to get it across the finish line.

It was also revealed that former Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah has returned to help work on Dreadwolf as a consultant (thanks PCGamer). Darrah left the studio in 2020 in fairly controversial circumstances, criticisng the studio for its crunch culture and the "BioWare magic" that resulted in a toxic work environment. It's unclear as to whether BioWare is still working under those conditions, though the studio has taken great care to be transparent and seems to be taking its time with its current slate of upcoming titles.


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Speaking on Dreadwolf and the reasons as to why the Mass Effect team has breen brought aboard to help out, EA senior vice president Samantha Ryan has explained that the studio is making sure it's "bringing in the right people" and that developing a Game like Dreadwolf is "complex". Because of this, the studio is bringing in extra help in the form of Mark Darrah and the Mass Effect team as it "wants to make sure it gets it right for its fans".

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Concept Art via Executive Producer Christian Dailey

With the majority of the Mass Effect team now working on Dreadwolf, I'm sure you're wondering what that means for the development of Mass Effect 5. In the same statement, EA has explained that development on the next Mass Effect Game will not be affected by this shift, as the Game is still in pre-production and is being developed by a "small core team" led by project director Mike Gamble. We don't know when it's slated for release, but it will almost definitely be after the launch of Dreadwolf. Here's hoping we get a release date soon.

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