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Bella Ramsey Says The Last Of Us Finale Will Massively Divide Fans




The first season of HBO's The Last Of Us has just two episodes left to go. Two episodes during which those of you who have played the first Game know an awful lot has to happen. Those who have played the Game will also know its ending continues to divide opinion to this day and, according to Bella Ramsey, that same division will be present after the adaptation's finale airs a little over a week from now.

“It’s going to divide people massively,” Ramsey told Vogue while discussing the series finale. If you haven't played the first Game and you want to avoid spoilers for what will be a divisive ending to the show, you might want to stop reading here as there will be a few significant spoilers ahead.

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At the end of Part 1, Ellie and Joel eventually find what they've been looking for since they met. A hospital run by the Fireflies where doctors are going to use Ellie's immunity to potentially create a vaccine to protect people from the cordyceps fungus. The pair are unconscious when they arrive, attacked by some Fireflies who didn't realize who they are.

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) is in tears as she looks off camera

When Joel comes to, he's in a hospital bed and Marlene informs him what the Firefly doctors plan on doing with Ellie, revealing that their attempts to make a vaccine will kill her. That results in Joel going on a rampage through the hospital, killing everyone in sight and rescuing Ellie. When Ellie comes around in the back of the car after Joel's successful rescue attempt, he lies to her, saying they were unable to use her to create a vaccine so they were allowed to leave.

Joel's decision not to tell Ellie the truth is what divides fans to this day, almost a decade on from the Game's launch. Some argue that Joel should have told Ellie the truth and let her decide for herself, while others think he was absolutely in the right to rescue Ellie and keep the truth hidden from her. Roll on season two which will feature even more divisive moments. Pedro Pascal is hopeful that filming for the next season will begin before the end of 2023.

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