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Bella Ramsey Almost Lost Their British Accent After Filming The Last Of Us




Despite now being best known as Ellie Williams in HBO's The Last of Us, actor Bella Ramsey is actually British. Those of you who remember their breakout role in Game of Thrones as Lyanna Mormont will know this, but as iconic as that performance was, it seems like Ramsey will now be defined by their time as Ellie instead. And not just professionally.

Speaking in a recent interview, Ramsey reveals that they're having a tough time leaving Ellie's American accent behind. Despite shooting for season one long having wrapped, they still keep slipping back into the voice, slightly losing the accent that shot them to fame in Game of Thrones.

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Ramsey shared this in an interview with W Magazine, where they share the "grieving" process of leaving season one Ellie behind.

“When I got home, I found it difficult to settle back into being just Bella and speaking with a British accent again," says Ramsey. The interviewer then notes that Ramsey's Ellie voice does come out around Americans, and can even be heard in their chat.

Eliie reading a book to Riley in HBO's The Last Of Us

It goes to show just how much of themself Ramsey has put into their performance as Ellie, which can also be spotted in their reactions to each episode. This week, we got some behind-the-scenes pictures they snapped with Riley actress Storm Reid. I think it's safe to say that they enjoyed the wonders of the mall too.

But looking forward, if Ramsey is hoping to cling to their British accent, they'll have to put the work in. The Last of Us so-star Pedro Pascal has suggested that filming for season two could start as soon as this year, not giving Ramsey a lot of time to get used to being Bella again. Anyone who's familiar with the second Game will also know that it will be a very demanding season to shoot, so here's hoping the cast gets a decent rest before the chaos ensues.

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