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Bayonetta Origins Will Make Players Want To Have Babies, Says Director




The Bayonetta series is currently taking an expected detour via Cereza and the Lost Demon. A Game that details the origin story of the series' leading witch. Bayonetta's director hopes Cereza and the Lost Demon will do a lot more than just fill in the gaps in the protagonist's story though, detailing how they expect the new prequel to solve Japan's low birthrate crisis.

With the world's population now topping eight billion and the planet struggling to cope with the sheer amount of people on its surface, you might be surprised to hear there's anywhere in the world where a lack of new people is a concern. That's very much the case in Japan, though. 2022 saw the lowest number of newborn babies in Japan for well over a century, and its leaders believe there will be a time in the not-so-distant future when the country doesn't have enough people to properly function.


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Fear not, people of Japan, as Hideki Kamiya believes Bayonetta Origins is the solution to the nation's pressing problem. In a tweet highlighted by GamesRadar, the series' director knocked up a handy flow chart demonstrating just how simple the connection between the new Game and Japan's alarmingly low birthrate is.

Stage one of Kamiya's plan is for people to play the Game, of course. From there he believes enough of its players will fall in love with Cereza that they will want to have a child just like her. Those Cereza and the Lost Demon players will venture out and find someone who feels the same, presumably being spoilt for choice if Kamiya's optimistic outlook is anything to go by.

Those like-minded Bayonetta lovers will get married and have kids, not only solving the birthrate crisis but presumably ushering in a generation of Japanese children all called Cereza. If only it were that simple. It's a nice thought from Kamiya, but even if everyone who plays the Game in Japan were to have a child off the back of how much they enjoyed it, that probably still wouldn't be enough to solve the problem currently facing the nation.

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