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Baby Rose Strikes Back In Resident Evil 4 Remake Mod




Soon after the release of Resident Evil Village, a mod maker by the name of JTeghius Kittius came along and swapped baby Rose’s head with Chris Redfield’s. Then they swapped Chris Redfield’s head with baby Rose. And somehow, through the magic of the RE Engine, the facial animations all worked just fine. The same cannot be said for the new mod that brings baby Rose’s head into Resident Evil 4 Remake.

JTeghius has returned with the "Baby Strikes Back" mod, described as "the mod everyone has been waiting for." As you can see in the images above and below, the mod takes baby Ross’s head from Resident Evil Village and swaps her onto Leon’s body. The end result is a terrifying baby-faced hero in a bomber jacket.

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However, unlike in Resident Evil village, not all of Baby Leon’s animations survived the head-swapping procedure. While the mouth will move just fine, Leon’s baby eyes do not move or blink, giving him the same wide-eyed, intense stare regardless of what’s going on in the scene. Installing this mod leaves Baby Leon in a state of perPetual newborn surprise, for better or for worse.

Resident Evil 4 Baby Strikes Back Mod
via Nexus Mods

"Why did I make this?" JTeghius asked in the mod description. "Because 10,000 of you crazy people downloaded it for RE8."

Installation for the Baby Strikes Back mod is just as simple as the Resident Evil Village mods. Just download the file and unpack it into your Resident Evil 4 Remake's install directory. Be sure to back up your files first if you ever want to return to the slightly more mature Leon model. Head on over to Nexus Mods for the download.

Want some more baby-faced Resident Evil content? Capcom recently released a Resident Evil 4-themed web series where Leon, Ashley, and mad Dr. Salvador all look like characters from a Studio Ghibli film. Leon gets his head split open and flies away on a rainbow, which is totally an accurate representation of the Game. Totally.

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