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Atomic Heart Won't Have Ray Tracing At Launch Despite Being A Key Feature




Atomic Heart looked gorgeous from the pre-release trailers developer Mundfish put out. Nvidia even did a partner trailer where Atomic Heart showed off both its support for ray tracing and DLSS 3, Nvidia's fancy AI-powered frame-boosting tech. But while the final release of Atomic Heart will have DLSS 3, it won't have the shadow and lighting Technology of ray tracing. At least, not in time for its release tomorrow.

As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, the pre-release build of Atomic Heart has no ray tracing options. When RPS reached out to Mundfish for an explanation, they were told that "the devs will be looking into implementing this post-launch."

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We already knew that the console version of Atomic Heart wouldn't have RTX support in time for launch, but Game director Robert Bagratuni told Wccftech that there would be no delays to ray tracing on PC. Guess there might have been a few hiccups between now and that original interview, even if it was less than two weeks ago.

On the plus side, Atomic Heart will support DLSS, including DLSS 3 on the latest iterations of Nvidia’s RTX cards. That’s something, but one wonders how much Atomic Heart might be relying on DLSS for acceptable PC performance. RPS said that the Game has some pretty rough technical edges on PC, and while the console version seems fine, there have been plenty of recent releases where the PC and console versions of the same Game offered wildly different performances.

Of course, you might just want to skip Atomic Heart. Our own Issy van der Velde didn't have a lot of kind words to share in his review, saying that it had inadequate tutorials, fetch quest bloat, and worst of all, absolutely cringe-worthy dialog. "Atomic Heart is the result of 15 years of thoughtful world-building and storytelling, but fails to live up to any of it," he wrote.

Atomic Heart arrives on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on February 21.

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