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Atomic Heart's Dev Wants Elon Musk To Put Tesla Bots Into Upcoming DLC




Atomic Heart has been a mixed success for its developer Mundfish. While it's done fairly well sales wise, the Game received middling reviews, although the title does appear to have been popular with players. Praised for its visuals and imaginative ambition the Game has also attracted controversy for its Russian links. But there is no doubting a significant number of players have enjoyed Atomic Heart and its robots.

Recently, the Game director of Atomic Heart has been exchanging messages with Elon Musk. The founder and CEO of Mundfish Robert Bagratuni replied to Musk, asking the billionnaire and Tesla boss if they could collaborate. Musk eventually replied.

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The Atomic Heart Game director wants to work with Musk to integrate Tesla Bots into the Game's upcoming DLC. While Tesla may be best known for its EVs the company also has the Optimus, aka Tesla Bot, which is a general-purpose robotic humanoid under development.

The Tesla Bot was shown off during Tesla's AI Day last year with semi-functional prototypes, although experts have questioned just how viable the machines really are. Standing at around 173cm (5'8") tall and looking skeletal, the Tesla Bot doesn't resemble the more curvaceous robots as seen in Atomic Heart, but it seems the Game's director is keen to include the real-life robot into the title, while we know the developer is working on DLC.

Mundfish has previously said that there will be four DLC, promising access to additional regions and labs, as well as new weaponry, monsters, and bosses.

Earlier this week Musk tweeted that he had "heard good things about Atomic Heart". This drew the reply of the Mundfish CEO, inquiring about a tie-up. Musk then replied to the Atomic Heart dev: "I sure hope Tesla bots don't malfunction! We're taking great care to ensure that Optimus can easily be powered down locally with a physical switch to reduce the risk of centralized control". While we can't be sure if Tesla bots will end up in an Atomic Heart DLC, it's also not impossible that we may see something like it soon.

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