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Atlus Is Working On "Various Ways" To Bring Persona To A Wider Audience




Persona's creative director has confirmed that Atlus is looking into "various ways" to try and bring the series to a wider audience, although we don't know what that might mean just yet.

Considering it's one of the most popular RPG series of all time, chances are that you've heard of Persona at one point or another, whether you're big into RPGs or not. Despite hitting nearly 17 million copies sold at the end of last year and having hordes of fans patiently waiting for information on the next Game, Atlus has decided that isn't enough and is looking for ways to bring the series to more people in the future.

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As reported by GamesRadar+, Persona's creative director and producer, Kazuhisa Wada, spoke to Sega Asia and, as translated by Persona Central, confirmed that the studio is currently working on ways to introduce Persona to a "wider audience". Wada doesn't go as far as actually revealing what any of those plans are, asking fans to "please look forward to it", a phrase most Persona fans are probably all too familiar with.


What this actually means for Persona in the long term isn't clear, but there are a few ways that Persona could be brought to more people. The most obvious, and the one that seems to be on every studio's mind, is a live-action film or series akin to HBO's The Last of Us. On a smaller scale, it could also just mean that Atlus ports more Games and works to release new titles simultaneously instead of having a massive gap between the Japanese release and the worldwide one.

Atlus' goal of bringing Persona to a wider audience comes just one day after it announced a new mobile spin-off, The Phantom X, a gacha Game that seems to currently be exclusive to mobile phones in Japan. Not exactly the greatest way of bringing the series to a wider audience, but it's possible that we'll see it ported over to other systems and regions later.

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