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Ash's Final Season Brings Back Alto Mare From Pokemon Heroes Movie




Pokemon will make History this week as it airs Ash's final episode. A moment that will force fans to say goodbye to someone who has become one of the most instantly recognizable animated characters on the planet. In an attempt to briefly make you forget how emotional that's going to be, Ash's penultimate episode included a deep cut from the Pokemon movies.

The show paid a visit to Alto Mare in Ash's second-to-last anime appearance (thanks, If you're struggling to place that name, or you haven't heard it before at all, there's a good reason for that. It's a location that has only appeared once in the Pokemon universe, providing the backdrop for the franchise's fifth movie, Pokemon Heroes.


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Alto Mare being shown in the TV show is a very big deal as the movies have been referenced so little throughout the anime that fans still can't decide if they're canon or not. A cameo from Heroes' Bianca, and Ash being reunited with Latias, has confirmed that they very much are for a lot of you, or Heroes is at the very least.

Bianca joins Ash on the Heroes' offshoot of his Pokemon journey, so for her to be shown in the anime more than 20 years later is a very big deal. Some of you have questioned whether the girl on the swing is actually Bianca at all, highlighting there's a chance it's really Latias masquerading as Ash's old friend. A quandary you'll likely be left to ponder and debate for the rest of time as it seems unlikely Bianca will return.

Mewtwo Strikes Back has been confirmed to be canon to the anime a number of times, as has Pokemon Journeys, but this appears to be the first time Heroes has been referred to in the show, just in time for Ash's departure. The iconic trainer's final run has been filled with throwbacks and reunions. Brock and Misty returned, the Butterfree Ash set free in series one came back, and Ash's Lapras was also the focus of one of his final episodes.

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