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Area 51 has a sister you may not have known about: Area 6.




There is a popular practice among puzzle and conspiracy theorist enthusiasts of exploring Mysterious areas using Google Earth. These areas are those that the government would have a tendency to hide or simply deny their existence, and that Google recommends not to show on its platform.

“Google Earth has been a popular tool for those interested in discovering hidden or government-rejected areas. However, it seems that Google has not been very successful in hiding the so-called area 6, located just over 19 km from Area 51 itself. Human curiosity and the visibility of Google have allowed this place to be discovered, generating recent theories and enigmas. in the media around the world.

What will that other Area 51 hide?

The other Area 51 is said to be simply a complex for testing unmanned drones.

Such an explanation has been forced by the US government in recent months due to constant pressure and conspiracy theories.

Area 6 is a Military area used by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security to test sensors on unmanned aircraft. A high rate of nuclear waste has been reported in the area’s atmosphere, prompting speculation that extraterrestrial Technology is being tested. The Area 6 runway is 1,524 meters long and was built in 2005.

Although the media began publishing images of the so-called Area 6 only a few months ago, many American newspapers publicly condemned the detonation of six nuclear weapons in the area years ago.

Construction of Area 6 actually began in 1950 at a cost of approximately $9.6 million. In ancient times, its use was simple: underground nuclear evidence.

Government of the United States Not long ago, in 2013, it only recognized the existence of this air base, and now it is forced to give explanations from time to time, trying to “disprove” any extraterrestrial hypothesis or very critical of them. .

Officially, the purpose of the existence of the Military installation in Area 6 is to build, operate and test unmanned aerial vehicles. Modifications to the airframe, use of advanced sensors, and development of on-board computers are mentioned. According to authorities, these facilities are justified for counterterrorism purposes.

Do you currently believe that Area 6 is using alien Technology, or do you really assume that we are dealing with a Military mission base for the same purpose that the US government itself has explained to us? Everyone can draw their own conclusions about it.