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Anything Rihanna can do… Shakira can do much worse! Singer turns raunchy pole-dancer




There has been one Queen rocking the racy dance routines lately with her S&M song – but now Shakira is set to give Rihanna a run for her money.

The Colombian singer is seen performing raunchy dance moves on a pole in just a pair of tiny knickers and a string bra in her latest music video.

Shakira shows off her incredible body in the racy outfit as she performs the highly seductive and erotic movements.

Good girl gone bad? Shakira performs a highly seductive pole dance in the video for her latest single Rabiosa

The singer is famed for her ability to shake her body and this video clip taken from her latest single Rabiosa featuring Pitbull, which will no doubt leave fans more than a little H๏τ under the collar.

The video starts with her stepping down the stairs in a pair of high heels before sliding down the pole.

Shakire shows off her fabulous bottom as she performs a series of provocative dance moves sliding around the pole

The set is simply a brick warehouse and apart Shakira performs in front of a black backdrop with lights shining on her.

The video will no doubt raise eyebrows because of it’s seductive content, similar to the raunchy videos and performances by pop princess Rihanna.