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Anunnaki and the Ruby Gold Crystal: Origins of an Ancient Cataclysm




There is an intriguing theory that links antiquity to the Anunnaki, an ancient mythical people associated with the destruction of the Earth by means of a great cataclysm. According to this hypothesis, the origin of this disaster would have been related to the golden ruby crystal used to awaken extremely powerful energies.

Ancient historical documents talk about the Anunnaki and the Flood which in turn was narrated in the Bible as well as a golden ruby colored crystal.

My belief is that the Egyptians placed the ruby crystal on the crowns of their gods. Also, this enchanting and powerful material led to the Trojan War throughout History.

Rhazes, the most famous scientist of the 9th century, believed that he had discovered a magnet which would be used to search for gold in nature.

The first documented reference to ruby gold glass, which has been found so far, indicated that “this material has the ability to attract silver and gold around it as if it were a magnet, in addition to transforming the precious metal up to a thousand times its own weight.

In the days before the Deluge, it is believed that the celestial vault was a protection for the primitive inhabitants of the Earth against the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Sunscreens, once quite outdated, are now commonplace in everyday life. These contain active ingredients such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate; in addition to the minerals zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

The Sumerian tradition narrates that the Anunnaki, divine beings whose origin dates back to a distant planet, would have come to Earth in search of gold, they needed gold in the atmosphere, which was disappearing, gold has recently been shown to block radiation solar energy and help repair a deteriorated atmosphere.

Many claim that the Anunnaki -according to this ancient theory- changed the genetic shape of primitive humans to use them as forced laborers in the gold mining process. This custom was not well received, and a rebellion began from there. It is also believed that the Moon could become a viable means of transportation for such a purpose in the future.

The ancient Hebrew and Phoenician records mention the time when there were still no rainbows, that changed after the flood.

The Bible provides many details about what the world was like before the great catastrophe that struck the planet. Therefore, using the clues given by this sacred text, a mosaic can be put together of what the Earth was like before that disastrous event happened so long ago.

Could there ever be a complete world, full of diversity in plant and animal life, much more varied than what we find today? It was like a beautiful Garden of Eden.

Because the temperature on Earth was moderate, the reliefs were sinuous hills with considerable size, there were no mountains of different heights as mentioned in the Scriptures.

If there were no trees on the site, a beautiful rolling terrain could be seen. This image makes one imagine that the dinosaurs were here to make that place a spacious and welcoming place. Perhaps they even cut the grass to achieve that result.

According to the Bible, the air was filled with fresh water that came directly from the ground and then fell as rain. This statement implies that the level in the atmosphere must have been high to create enough moisture for a dew to arise.

The steam fans that are observed in the landscape must have been caused by the heat of the volcanic background. The soil must have been composed of very porous materials to allow the liquid to enter the Earth’s interior and then return to the surface, heated and through the wells, feeding the sources.

The rivers and streams we know of today come not only from the sea, but also from the land, so there is a chance that these currents will flow through short distances and then return to their source.

The writings of the Bible included the description of a terrain with a certain porosity. These structures were destroyed when the earthquake shook the entire region, thus causing the escape of water from the underground mechanisms that previously retained the liquids. The end result was a significant volume of water at the surface.

The recorded flood was not only produced by a water source, there was also something called “windows of heaven” that shattered and fell nearby.

People understand that water is in the clouds, however it is not always considered as such. Nobody would consider a cloud as a “window”, since it does not have the same function.

The Bible refers to something that is transparent to such a degree that it allows unlimited visibility from any angle. This leaves us wondering about what kind of exceptional item could it be?

Long ago there was a “window” that separated the world from the atmosphere, which allowed the sun’s rays to arrive without any filter. It was probably very different from the rays of the sun that we experience these days; its light passed through without being blocked by the window, meaning the sun felt less intense.

I’m not saying the world has gotten darker, rather I mean there has been a decrease in exposure to harmful ultraviolet light.

It was as if the sunlight warmed that unknown land through a glass window: the same effect was seen in the new atmosphere. It was clear that both the Moon and the stars could be seen from there, as demonstrated by the effects they had experienced.

It is clear that the “windows of heaven” were not somewhere close to earth, but farther up in the atmosphere and, according to the details provided, were made of water, which would require a completely new state for water to stay suspended above. the atmosphere.

A new state of water has been discovered in recent years. It is made up of molecular dipole crystals that have a different way of freezing which has become an incredible find. This allows the crystals to separate at the molecular level.

In the same way that compasses have a north and a south, these particles develop attraction to the north and south magnetic poles, which causes them to settle around the planet with great regularity until they form a cloudless protective cocoon above the atmosphere.

Crystals in the atmosphere, no matter how thick they are, will always remain crystals as long as they maintain their height. However, if some catastrophe causes its air layers to rise and fall sharply, these crystals would turn into rain and cause a deluge.

According to Christian’s theory, a significant part of our ocean is floating in the upper levels of the Earth’s atmosphere. These aqueous particles would be formed by molecular dipole crystals that carry water to an underground system. A larger amount would be contained within the planet, specifically housed in the network of caves below the surface.

Long before the existence of climate as we understand it today, the Earth suffered an unimaginable catastrophe that destroyed all life. It is not yet known if it was God who caused this disaster using a small asteroid, but no one knows the truth at the moment.

Whatever God did, the results were the disappearance of “Open Heavens” and a change in the irrigation system. These events triggered earthquakes that shifted areas under the oceans and some areas of land, producing a series of powerful currents and ripples across the planet.

Our experiments showed us that sediments normally found in the sea are now found on land and, surprisingly, even on high peaks. This makes it clear that something has happened to the typical sedimentation pattern.

Evidence from Earth shows us that many species have disappeared over a very long period. This is reflected in the large number of fossils found between different geological layers, which were supposedly formed thousands of years apart. Many times, the fossil remains extend through several layers of the soil.

The sedimented rocks left a Travel track for some Animals, allowing them to climb while being witnessed by the deposit. These living beings were finally trapped and covered by the last layer before being buried.

Eddies have the ability to mix the two layers of water, which are deposited at different rates. This forms a wheel-shaped pattern within these layers and is completely different from what it would be if they were deposited in the time period that Science claims, however it does not appear to be impossible when these same layers are deposited rapidly due to to the enormous amount of force they generate.

I don’t want everything to be precisely as I have described it, but elements of the Bible must be taken into account to understand this interpretation.

Before the flood, the inhabitants of these places had never experienced downpour, thunderclouds, offensive winds, or possibly lightning.

The fear that the inhabitants of the place must have suffered was unbearable when a thick layer of clouds increased and its origin was the unstoppable amount of rain. There came a point where the unleashed water lashed the sky with such violence that it left passers-by in a complete rush.

Before the aforementioned happened with Christian Nodal, human beings continued to trust their own Science and knowledge. They were convinced that no external force, not even a supreme being, could destroy their lives or the world.

Let’s be as confident in ourselves as we are as people…