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Analyst Says Bitcoin Could Be Primed for $120K with Traders Also Backing 99Bitcoins Token




Crypto investors are buzzing about one analyst’s $120,000 Bitcoin price target for 2024.

This analyst believes Bitcoin could see a 78% rise before the end of the year, based on how the DXY is shaping up.

But many traders believe that a token called 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) could flip crypto Education on its head.

Crypto Analyst Predicts Bitcoin to Soar to $120,000 by Year’s End

Following Bitcoin’s impressive recovery last week, crypto traders are closely monitoring the coin’s every move.

And according to popular analyst Trader Tardigrade, its rally may just be getting started.

In a recent tweet, he dropped a bold prediction that Bitcoin could surge from its current level to $120,000 by year’s end.

His bullish thesis hinges on the behavior of the DXY index.

This index, which measures the dollar’s strength against other major currencies, is showing a ‘double top’ chart pattern and a downward trajectory.

Tardigrade believes this signals trouble for the dollar – but potential upside for Bitcoin.

The logic is that when the dollar weakens, it often leads to a rally for Bitcoin as investors flock to deflationary assets.

Given the magnitude of the DXY’s potential decline that Tardigrade expects, his six-figure Bitcoin target starts to look more plausible.

Only time will tell whether this bold call hits the mark or not – but it’s certainly giving Bitcoin investors something to think about.

BTC on the Brink of Breaking ATH as Spot ETF Inflows Continue

Trader Tardigrade’s prediction isn’t the only source of optimism surrounding Bitcoin.

Markus Thielen, Head of Research at crypto analytics firm 10x Research, also voiced his bullishness.

According to Thielen’s most recent report, Bitcoin could be on the verge of breaking its all-time high if it can pass the $67,500 level.

That level has been a line in the sand for Bitcoin lately.

However, if the current momentum propels price past $67,500, Thielen’s analysis suggests new record highs could be on the horizon.

These positive comments arrive as Bitcoin continues its recovery on Monday.

The coin is up 2% since yesterday and is now hovering around the $67,100 level.

Additionally, institutional iNFLows from spot BTC ETFs have remained positive for two straight weeks, so things are starting to look very promising for Bitcoin bulls.

Ultimately, while the $67,500 resistance level is fast approaching, Bitcoin’s momentum and the iNFLux of institutional capital could be enough to push it through.

Learn-to-Earn Crypto 99Bitcoins Token Attracts Bullish Price Predictions

While Bitcoin is making headlines this week, another crypto is quietly gaining traction: 99Bitcoins Token.

This token is drawing praise for being part of a new “Learn-to-Earn” model.

Its premise is simple – users can earn 99BTC tokens by progressing through interactive courses and learning modules on the 99Bitcoins platform.

Those tokens can then be used to unlock premium content, trading signals, and other exclusive benefits.

It’s an approach that taps into the growing crypto Education space while introducing gamification elements to keep learners engaged.

And with a presale phase now underway that’s already raised $1.4 million, some traders are speculating that 99BTC could be primed for growth once listed on exchanges.

For example, YouTube trader Crypto Wire released a video speculating that 99BTC could have “100x potential.”

Adding to the hype is an ongoing $99,999 BTC airdrop campaign for community members.

The combination of Educational value, gamification, and the prospect of airdrop rewards is making 99Bitcoins Token a hot topic in the crypto market.

Currently, would-be investors can buy 99BTC during the presale for $0.00105.

Investors can participate using ETH, USDT, or a credit/debit card.

Visit 99Bitcoins Token Presale

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