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An Xbox Series S Toaster Might Be Releasing This Year




After the meme-y success of the Xbox Series X fridge back in 2021, leaked images of an alleged Xbox Series S toaster suggest that they're the next bit of kitchen kit to get a Microsoft makeover.

Ever since they were first revealed, the Xbox Series S and X have been compared to a number of household items, including fridges, lunchboxes, speakers, and, apparently, toasters. Microsoft has been making the best out of these comparisons over the years, going along with the memes in 2021 and releasing an official Xbox Series X mini-fridge. Now, it seems to have turned its attention over to a bread cooker instead.

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As reported by VGC, images of an Xbox Series S toaster first popped up from Twitter user GyoJvfr, who shared images of it alongside several other Xbox-themed items, like an Xbox Series X pen holder. As for the toaster, the leaked image suggests that it'll be 800 watts, have six browning settings, three "modes", and a crumb collector. I'm not sure why I'm now listing toaster functions, but Sony's going to have to think hard about how it wants to top this next-gen beast of a toaster. Can you add DualSense capabilities to bread?


Considering the announcement has come from a random Twitter account instead of from Microsoft itself, it's not currently clear whether the Xbox Series S toaster actually exists or not. It wouldn't be too surprising considering the Series X mini-fridge, but the whole idea does seem like the sort of thing that'd get announced on April Fool's Day. That's how the mini-fridge came to be, I guess, so maybe that's more evidence to back it up.

Although the toaster itself looks pretty legitimate, some of the other items shown by GyoJvfr look a little fake, like this Halo-inspired toolkit and what appears to be an Xbox Series X cookie tin. Instead of cookies, I'll probably end up eating these words when all of these products are confirmed to be real and Microsoft's plan to turn every kitchen into a living billboard for Xbox merch is revealed.

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