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An F-16 fighter jet takes off, flies, and arrives at Nellis Air Force Base




F-16 Fighter Jets Preflight + Takeoff/Landing At Nellis AFB

Comments: Totally an aviation nut myself! Dis guy right here always watch the plane video from here with my rock playlist crancked to 11. Metallica, Delta Parole, ACDC etc. AWESOME!

Yokota AB, Japan. Was riding my bike to the other side of the base, which requires going over The Runway. Was just heading over it as jets, I want to say F16s were taking off. Want to say there were at least the length of a Football field or two away from me.

7:57 How could the pilot AND ground crew miss the “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” red (RED!) banner still attached at the rear of the Paveway LGB on underwing station 3? Beats me.

Good Morning! It’s an honor for me to see your work, let’s always add together and strengthen our goals, I’m counting on you, I’m already here .,.

In my opinion the most versatile and deadliest fighter of all time, the engineers at General Dynamics are to be congratulated. This design is over 40 years old and fits a stelth version of this machine, with a multifaceted composite material fuselage.

Ah yes this looks soooooo framiliar I’ve done my fair share of these and at night too. I sooooo miss the sound and smell of the line the love loely smell of JP-8 and exhaust

Excellent video, someday my son Eisel will be like one of these pilots. Greetings from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. oaxaca