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Amazon Games Is Publishing Its Fifth MMO, Throne And Liberty




It looks like Amazon Games is not slowing down in the MMO space any time soon. The relatively new studio has announced it will be publishing NCSoft’s upcoming MMO Throne and Liberty. Amazon will help bring the South Korean developer’s next-gen title to North and South America, Europe, and Japan. For those keeping track, this will be the fifth MMO from Amazon Games.

NCSoft, who you may know as the folks behind Guild Wars and the Lineage series, has been working on Throne and Liberty for quite a while now. While the Game was initially announced back in 2011, a series of setbacks and delays have kept the Game from being released. Now, Amazon Games is helping to finally bring the MMORPG to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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The Game itself is an open-world title that will contain both a seamless and explorable zone. It also features a dynamic weather system that will alter the environment of the world and Gameplay. Speaking of Gameplay, players will be able to experience the world of Throne and Liberty by shape-shifting into Animals that allow them to soar the skies or dive deep into water. While there is a narrative to the title, NCSoft has said that it is not a big concern as the main experience lies in the MMO aspect of creating your own story.

This Throne and Liberty news comes shortly after Amazon Games announced a similar partnership with Bandai Namco to bring the free-to-play Blue Protocol to console and PC. This is in addition to New World and Lost Ark, which were both released last year and saw relative success. Sadly, we'll never see perhaps the most exciting of Amazon Games' MMOs, as its Lord of the Ring project was cancelled some time ago.

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