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After 25 Years, Ash's Pokemon Journey Has Finally Come To An End



This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.

The long-awaited Pokemon anime finale just aired in Japan, ending Ash's journey after more than 25 years. While the final few moments of the episode didn't give anything too wild, it was a fittingly poignant end to the story many of us have been following our whole lives.

This rounds off the long, nostalgic farewell we'd been treated to over the past few weeks, bringing back some familiar faces before we start the new series next month. This will introduce us to a new protagonist, along with a new cast of characters.

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Of course, saying goodbye to Ash means that his partner Pokemon, Pikachu, is bowing out as well. Having accomplished their dream of being the very best, like no one ever was, the two walk off down a crossroads, not knowing what the future will bring them.

It's expected that Ash will show his face in the new series, Pokemon Horizons, eventually, but with a whole new host of characters to introduce, he might have to wait his turn. He could also finally be much older when we see him again, as the end of his journey gives him the chance to make up for a few lost birthdays.

There's no sign of any such cameo in the first Pokemon Horizons trailer, however, which went live as soon as the finale aired. Instead, we're introduced to our new hero, Liko, and her partner Pokemon Sprigatito. In the trailer, we see a whole lot of other new Pokemon too, making the most of the new 'mon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet last year. But don't worry, there's a Pikachu here as well, because of course there is.

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