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Adin Ross Suggests Prison Gave Andrew Tate Cancer, Somehow




While not yet officially confirmed, it's being reported that Andrew Tate has been diagnosed with lung cancer. This comes from his media team, with his manager sharing the news on Instagram yesterday. Now, Twitch streamer and Tate apologist Adin Ross has reacted to the news, seemingly accusing the prison of giving the alleged sex trafficker cancer while he awaits trial.

This comes just after Ross' eighth Twitch ban, and his increasingly hostile, bigoted, and erratic behaviour since being taken under Tate's wing. Ross even reveals that he had attempted to Travel to Romania to visit his idol in prison, but was denied access for whatever reason.

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"I'm not even joking bro they could be trying to kill him in there. This is bad," says Ross, as he reads a medical report being shared around on Twitter, purporting to be Tate's. "No way they're trying to make him go out like that. They're trying to end him, bro. That's really, really fucked up."

Ross further seems to suggest that Tate, who has a long History of smoking cigars, only developed lung cancer because of his incarceration. "Andrew Tate was perfectly fine and was doing God's work before he got locked up for this nonsense," he says. However, Tate's manager says he was receiving medical care in Dubai prior to his arrest.

Of course, we still don't know if he has cancer at all. Ross seemed to be close to Tate before he was charged with rape and human trafficking, and yet it seems he was unaware of any prior Health issues. Some are assuming that the cancer claims are part of a ruse to get Tate out of jail so he can see his medical team of choice in Dubai. Others simply believe it is an act, meant to illicit sympathy and corroborate his claims of the "Matrix" going after him. It remains to be seen if Romanian officials comment on the matter.

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