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Adin Ross Says He Wouldn't Have Been Banned From Twitch If He Had "Blue Hair And Makeup"




In a recent Kick livestream, Adin Ross argued against his eighth Twitch ban and said that he wouldn't have been banned from the platform if he had "blue hair and makeup".

Yesterday, controversial streamer Adin Ross was banned from Twitch for the eighth time, with Ross claiming that it's a permanent ban from the service. Twitch hasn't commented on the ban yet, so it's not clear what's caused it, but it's speculated that it's because of the high-profile streamer's public move over to Kick, an up-and-coming rival platform that has less severe terms of service.

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As reported by Dexerto, Ross recently took to Kick to talk about his ban from Twitch. In the clip, Ross starts by saying that he already knew what was coming but that it doesn't matter since he signed with Kick, and that the platform is looking to get other big-name streamers like Kai Cenat. Ross then says he's not going to badmouth Twitch completely, but that he thinks he wouldn't have been banned if he had "blue hair" and did his "makeup and fingernails".

Ross said, "I'm not even going to bash Twitch completely but the one thing I'll say is this - if I had blue hair and did my makeup, would you have banned me Twitch? It's a serious question. Would you have permanently banned me. If I had blue hair and did my makeup and fingernails, would you have permanently banned me bro? No, they wouldn't have!"

After that bizarre tirade that ignores some of the legitimate reasons that Ross has been banned in the past (like streaming and using his phone while driving), Ross seems to confirm that the ban is permanent, and argues against it by saying that he hasn't even been streaming on Twitch lately and still has ended up with a ban.

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