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Adin Ross' "Brother" Returns, Campaigns Against Andrew Tate's Misogyny




The person who previously claimed to be the half-brother of streamer Adin Ross, Miller Ross, recently returned to the social media spotlight, continuing to campaign against the misogyny of Andrew Tate. Miller Ross was suspended from Twitter last week in the wake of a tirade against Adin Ross in which he pinned the blame for the increasingly controversial comments made by his supposed sibling on Tate.

Adin Ross was quick to deny any connection with Miller Ross prior to his suspension from Twitter. The streamer went on to reiterate some of his remarks following the reinstatement of his "brother" onto the social media platform.

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“Is he no relation at all to you,” Adin Ross was asked on a stream. “No. No relation at all,” the content creator explained. “If he can send you a family photo and he can name all my family members and he can name certain childhood shit then sure,” Adin Ross continued. “But don’t give into that stupid ass shit, bro, come on.”

After his return to Twitter, Miller Ross claimed to have provided proof about his identity to the social media platform, using the reinstatement of his account as evidence of his connection to Adin Ross. “Look who's back? Twitter wanted proof,” Miller Ross mentioned. “They got it.”

Miller Ross went on to start a Petition against Tate who he blames for having radicalized Adin Ross, among other impressionable people. “I am the paternal half-brother of the famous streamer Adin Ross,” Miller Ross explains before denouncing how Tate has “poisoned a generation of men with his platform that explicitly denounces women's bodily autonomy and espouses male superiority.”

“My brother may be lost, but I won't stop fighting and neither should you,” Miller Ross concludes. “Let's fight to save the hearts and minds of men from the wiles of Andrew Tate. If he is released, there's no telling what his next move will be, or which other influential figure he'll groom, taking millions of young, impressionable men into the pits of extremism.” Tate is currently being held in a Romanian prison.

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