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A Little Insight into Taylor Swift’s Bang Maintenance Routine




Taylor Swift is a bona fide music megastar first and foremost, but she’s got plenty of acclaim in the beauty world, too. Not only can she rock a classic red lip with aplomb, her signature thick bangs pretty much always look perfect—and are almost as recognizable as her hit songs.

But even Taylor has some not-so-great hair days. As the singer pointed out in an Instagram post earlier this week, it doesn’t take long for eyebrow-grazing fringe to become in-your-eyes-annoying. She took a break from working in the studio (recording her new album, we hope?!) to snap a cute selfie of her extra-lengthy locks. “My bangs are long enough to use as a sleep mask on long flights,” she commented. “So really, I just need a haircut.”

From the looks of her most recent pic, Taylor was indeed able to get a trim—just in time to sip H๏τ drinks with her BFF Ed Sheeran! Whether she hit the salon or did a quick and easy DIY job, her fresh cut is a fantastic example of how to keep blunt bangs in check. Instead of snipping straight-across, she went for wispy, feathery ends. The result? Not-too-short strands that you can actually see through. Keep that up every three weeks or so, and you’ll have a sweet ‘do just like Taylor’s.