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7 iconic moments that show off BLACKPINK’s Lisa charisma on stage




If you’re a K-pop fan and don’t believe in Lalisa Manoban’s stage presence, you probably don’t know anything. Lisa from BLACKPINK is currently one of the best performers in K-pop. When the girl group takes the stage, it’s hard to miss her presence due to her jaw-dropping dance skills, fiery rap abilities, eye-catching visuals, and strong charisma. Let’s go back to seven memorable performances by Lalisa Manoban to help you decide whether or not to admire her.

“Stay mad if you’re mad. We are not the same!” Pretty Savage is the BLACKPINK song that most accurately captures Lalisa Manoban. The girl group’s badᴀss response to antis is the hip-hop-influenced track, and Lisa perfectly embodied it. She is the “queen of stage presence” due to her fiery rap verses and powerful dance moves.

If you haven’t heard of this iconic stage performance, you must live under a rock. During BLACKPINK’s “In Your Area” world tour, Lisa performed a dance cover of the song Swalla, which caused a stir on the internet. It was delightful to watch Lisa show off her flirtatious and playful side on this cover. Dancers were inspired to perform covers of her solo performance because her stage was so well-known among K-pop fans.

Lisa is well-known for her impressive dance skills. Therefore, it is a pleasant surprise for her fans to see that she can also wear styles that are influenced by contemporary culture. Because her movements remind us of water, this performance video is captivating to watch. It also demonstrates Lisa’s versatility as a performer and dancer. YG, give us a dance performance inspired by Mushroom Chocolate!