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50 Cent Has Deleted His GTA 6 Teases




After less than 24 hours, 50 Cent has deleted an Instagram post that featured Vice City's logo, which many took as a tease that the rapper is going to be featured in GTA 6.

Yesterday, 50 Cent shared a post on Instagram that seemed to be teasing big news for the rapper. Alongside GTA Vice City's logo, 50 Cent said, "I will Explain this later, GLG (green traffic light emoji) GreenLightGang this shit bigger than POWER trust me". The use of the Vice City logo, which is where GTA 6 will reportedly take place, has led to the assumption that 50 Cent is involved in Rockstar's next big Game.

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Whether that assumption is true or not, it seems that 50 Cent might have jumped the gun a little bit when sharing his Instagram post. As noted by Redditor l__lux__l on the GTA 6 subreddit, the Instagram post that Cent yesterday has already been deleted, which seems to suggest that Rockstar asked him to take it down.

50cent Vice City posts deleted?? from GTA6

Considering GTA 6 hasn't been formally revealed yet (despite Rockstar confirming that it was in development last year), it's not surprising that Rockstar wouldn't want a post clearly hinting at content that's going to be in the Game to remain up, even if everyone has already seen it and is talking about it. 50 Cent is also a pretty big get for GTA, so Rockstar probably wants to keep that as a surprise. Enough about GTA 6 has leaked without its permission already, after all.

Although the first assumption that most GTA fans would make is that 50 Cent's songs are going to be featured on the radio, there's a possibility that he'll be featured as an actual character, either playing a fictionalised version of himself or another person entirely. It wouldn't be the first time GTA has done this either, as celebrities have shown up in several Games in the past, including comedians in GTA 4. Dr. Dre also played a key role in a recent GTA Online expansion, which might have set the framework for 50 Cent's involvement.

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