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15 Unusual & Giant Military Vehicles from Across the World




Watch out for these vehicles they aren’t your ordinary vehicles you see in the streets everyday. I’m not a war zone armored Military vehicle kind of gal. But this still was a very interesting video of 15 different largest, baddest and insane Military war vehicles.

This is what you get when you have a kid that loved playing war Games at 10 years old and he goes on to become a Mechanical Military Engineer with no budget restrictions..

overall good video but one thing, most of that are US stuff. Plus, you should change “viking” to russian DT30 what is away over viking abilities. That 30 000kg monster can drive even there where viking get stuck. And i think russians have a lot better Military vehicles then US have.

I don’t think i saw a single Top 10 of largest or insane vehicles here. oh wow, a support tank weighing 10t ? There’s tanks built almost 100 years ago that are over 100t….what about the railroad canons. Are ships not vehicles ? Aeroplanes ?

Where’s the armour for the exposed soldiers on top of the vehicles? They should a 360° shield around them and a swiveling turret or different hatches around it they can shoot their rifles through. They don’t look like they’d be very safe from well aimed bullets.

I swear I was waiting for you to talk about the Shagohod. You sound just like Snake, or even Volgin talking about the Philosopher’s Legacy in Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater.