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10 Things Not To Say To A Taylor Swift Fan




Taylor Swift has one of the most loyal fan bases of any singer today or even any celebrity. Ever since her first hit, Swift’s fans (Swifties) have stayed by her side despite what critics have said abo

Taylor Swift has one of the most loyal fan bases of any singer today or even any celebrity. Ever since her first hit, Swift’s fans (Swifties) have stayed by her side despite what critics have said about her. Whether people claimed her music wasn’t country when she first started out or they called her a trader when she switched to pop, Swift’s fans were there to stand up for her. Swift’s fans are very protective of her and will not stand back while people criticize her. Unless you really want to start an argument that you have no chance of winning, avoid saying these 10 things to any Swift fan.

Note: The DJ Diplo once stated that ‘Messing with the popstar was one o the biggest mistakes of his career!’ No one wants to mess with Swifties.

10. She Can’t Dance
Who cares? She’s a singer, not a dancer. This is actually not about being able to dance or not, she knows how to act goofy and have fun. She knows when to be serious and when to let lose and enjoy herself. Plus her funny dances make us laugh.

9. She Has Dated So Many Guys
So have a thousand other girls her age. But because Taylor Swift is a Celebrity and is constantly in the public eye, her love life is always made public, the poor girl has no privacy. It is perfectly normal for someone her age to date a lot. Other girls her age date a lot. We just don’t know about it because those people aren’t famous. Plus, as a Celebrity, dating and relationships are much harder to sustain, so it is completely plausible that she will have to date around for a while before she finds the right person. Maybe she is currently with Mr. Right?

8. She’s A Bad Role Model
How? Because she has had more than one boyfriend? That’s typical of any girl her age. She also never gets in trouble with the law like so many other young celebrities. She’s not constantly partying. She is always giving to charity and helping sick children. She is great to her fans. She also always encourages girls to love themselves and to be happy with themselves. Taylor Swift is one of the best Celebrity role models out there.

7.She Is Fake
Unless you personally know Taylor Swift, how could you possibly know she is fake? And is she fake because she’s nice to people? Because that’s just called being an adult and a decent human being. If she were rude to people, especially people she doesn’t like, people would have worse things to say about her or call her immature or say that she loves drama. Being nice to people you don’t like is just part of growing up. Being nice to complete strangers is called being a good person.

6. She’s Too Obsessed With Her Cats
What pet owner isn’t obsessed with their pet? She loves them and we love our animals too. That just makes her that much more relatable to all of the other animal lovers. With all that she has going on she still finds time to love and spend time taking care of her animals.

5. She Doesn’t Really Care About Her Fans
Actually, she probably cares more about her fans than any other celebrity. Have you paid attention to all of the wonderful things she has done for her fans? Like many celebrities, Swift is really involved in helping sick kids who are also her fans, but unlike other celebrities, she is really great to all of her fans. She is especially good to the most dedicated fans. She has invited fans over to her house to hang out with her. She has made them handmade gifts. How many other celebrities do anything remotely close to that for their fans? And she does it out of kindness. She understands that she wouldn’t have the career she has if it weren’t for her fans, and she wants to give back.

4. All Of Her Songs Sound The Same
No they do not! Her songs are very different and happen to all be magical in their own way. She knows how to write good songs and knows how to find the perfect melody to match these lyrical stories.

3. Her Music Isn’t Even Good
You are enтιтled to your opinion. But your opinion doesn’t mean anything because her countless awards and number one hits prove that her music is good. Her music is catchy; it’s relatable. She has a huge fan base for a reason. There is never going to be a musical artist who everyone likes. There are always going to be people who don’t like someone’s music. But her awards and record sales speak for themselves. Haters gonna hate.

2. She’s Too Nice
Really? Is that a thing? Someone can be too nice? I don’t know about you, but I think this world could use a few more people who are TOO nice. This probably goes along with people who say she is fake. Just because she is nice to her fans and supports other celebrities, that doesn’t mean she is fake or too nice. Swift is a big believer in the idea that women should help other women. And that certainly doesn’t make her too nice. It makes her a good person.

1. She’s Too Skinny
Whether you say someone is too fat or too skinny, you are body shaming them, and body shaming is never okay. Sadly, it’s more than likely mostly women who are saying that she is too skinny, and that’s just not cool. Most of those women are probably jealous, but Swift wouldn’t want them to be jealous. She would want them to embrace their looks and be comfortable with themselves. And just like a lot of people who are overweight, some skinny people can’t help it. For some people, it is as hard to gain weight as it is for others to lose weight.